Pregnancy Blog: Third Trimester – Weeks 29+


Things are getting uncomfortable

Over the last few weeks, baby has had a big growth spurt and my belly has grown quite large. I’m now feeling pretty uncomfortable and sleeping at night is becoming a challenge. From 28 weeks, it’s recommended to sleep only on your side, and not on your back to reduce the risk of stillbirth. I’m finding that I’m waking up during the night and my back is so sore, and all I want to do is lay on my back or my tummy. I’m using a pregnancy sleeping pillow which helps, but the pressure on my lower back is still quite uncomfortable.

I’m also much less mobile, and I find if I am too active, it causes my belly to ache and I experience cramping pains. There were actually a few of days where I experienced quite painful cramps. I went to the hospital for a check up just to be safe. Everything was fine, thankfully. I have noticed that the pain occurs often when I’m more active, so I am trying to take it easy and stay off my feet a bit more, which can be challenging with two 3 years old’s.

I discovered recently that I can no longer take my energetic pre-schoolers for a ride on their scooters because if they go too fast, I can’t chase after them very well. I had to run after them quite a long distance recently and it caused my lower belly a lot of pain for the whole evening and next day. I’m often waddling around these days, depending on how baby is positioned. She is still lying across me in a sideways position, and some days it can be very uncomfortable. I’m hoping she will turn head down soon.

Third trimester pregnancy symptoms

I’m still getting little bit of acid reflux in the evening, but it’s not that bad, and some nights I don’t get it all. I have been getting restless leg syndrome though. I had this my last pregnancy, and it was absolute torture trying to go to sleep. It’s not as bad this time around, but it is still a problem. I find applying a topical magnesium gel to my lower legs before bed helps. I had an evening bath with magnesium chloride salts last week and noticed that really helped me relax and promoted a deep sleep. And for the last two nights I’ve made a herbal tea before bed with lemon balm and chamomile. This has helped both the restless legs and aiding a restful sleep.

Getting the nursery set up

I’ve been slowly setting up baby’s new room, which is one of the most exciting things when expecting a new baby. Organising all of baby’s tiny little clothes, where baby will sleep, choosing a colour or theme for the nursery. Doing these little things helps me get through the end of the pregnancy, as by now I’m really over being pregnant.

My other children are very excited to meet their new little sister. They also like to pretend to be a baby and get in the cot and say “goo goo ga ga”. It will be interesting to see how they respond once baby has arrived. It will certainly bring a new dynamic to the family.


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