Pregnancy Blog: Second trimester – weeks 24-28


The beginnings of some uncomfortable symptoms

Around 26 weeks the heartburn begins. I remember this from my last pregnancy. Around the same time, shortly after 20 weeks, I suddenly developed heartburn in the evenings. I have found that it is worse when I eat fatty foods. For example, in my first pregnancy, I had terrible heartburn after eating pizza. It was so bad I couldn’t even lie down, and I remember having to ask my husband to run to the store for me at 11pm to get me some antacids to settle the pain.

Again, the heartburn has started, although it does appear to be more mild than last time. I still need to use antacids in the evening to stop the uncomfortable burn. During pregnancy, hormonal changes and the pressure from the growing baby against the stomach can lead to acid reflux. Once baby is delivered, thankfully the problem goes away.

Energy and exercise

Towards the end of the second trimester, my energy starts to slow down again. Each time baby has a growth spurt, I notice I am particularly drained and in need of more rest. It’s also time to invest in a pregnancy pillow for sleeping to support my growing belly and lower back.

For exercise and to ease the pregnancy aches and pains, I am enjoying a regular prenatal yoga. Stretching in pregnancy yoga poses really helps to ease the growing pressure on my lower back. I have also started to incorporate some positive birth affirmations and meditations. I like to pick a birth affirmation, write it down and place it in a position I will see daily, such as on my work desk. I have also been listening to some guided pregnancy and birthing meditations before sleeping (through You Tube). Meditations before bed really help to relax my mind and aid a restful sleep.

Some of my favourite free Youtube videos that I have been using include:

Prenatal yoga classes:

Yoga for turning a breech baby:

Guided meditation for pregnancy sleep- Bedtime pregnancy meditation:


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