Building Blocks Series – Nucleotides for babies


What are nucleotides?

Nucleotides help build DNA.

Nucleotides found in breastmilk are a special family of carbohydrates that form the building blocks of DNA for cell growth and immune system development [1]. As a newborn is busy building new cells and tissues, nucleotides provide key foundational nutrition support. The 5 nucleotides most relevant to infant nutrition are Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine and Uracil.

Nucleotides in baby formula

Multiple research studies have shown that infants fed formula supplemented with nucleotides display improved head growth [2, 3], which is an indicator of increased intelligence in later life [4]. These studies also determined that healthy weight gain was improved in babies that consume nucleotide-enriched formula [2, 3]. Baby formula containing nucleotides (when compared to those that do not contain them) has also been shown to improve your baby’s response to vaccinations [5]!


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