Baby Weaning Course with Melanie McGrice


Is your little one about to start solids?

Just starting your solids journey?

Are you pregnant?

Then this course is for you! Led by leading Australian Prenatal and Infant Dietitian, Melanie McGrice, this is the ultimate guide to introducing solids, baby nutrition and progressing through weaning. Over 3 x bite size interactive 30-minute online sessions you will learn:

Session 1: 

Is my baby ready to start weaning? Tips and tricks from a paediatric dietitian

  • Signs your bub is ready to start weaning
  • Preparing for weaning
  • Weaning techniques
  • Q&A

Session 2:

What should I feed my baby?

  • Which foods to introduce and when
  • Food textures for your bub
  • How to ensure your baby is meeting their nutrient requirements
  • Q&A

Session 3: 

Introducing solids: questions and concerns

  • Should I be choosing Organic?
  • Heavy metals
  • Introducing allergens
  • Is my baby’s poo normal?
  • Q&A



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